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Marvelous Multi-Skills!! Yellow Class have had a great day at Cheltenham College participating in a wide range of sport activities. Miss Blay is incredibly proud of every child in Yellow Class for showing determination, commitment, self-belief, respect and many more admirable qualities. They represented the school fantastically and they should feel so proud of themselves. Well done super stars!!!!!

Our fantastic Selfish Ladybird Costumes - thank you so much for the hard work Mummies and Daddies!

Super sorting! The children have been busy looking at different objects, numbers and people and deciding how to sort them.

DT excitement! On Monday we spent the whole day creating our own seaside inspired pop-up card. The children chose their favourite design and independently cut their bench folds in their cards. They look fantastic and they are very excited to show you them!

India Day! Wow, what a fantastic day we had celebrating the lively and vibrant country that is India. We all dressed up in our most brightest clothing, with some even wearing some beautiful traditional Indian clothes. We learnt about the story of Rama and Sita and made a clay diva pot each. Outside, beautiful rangoli patterns brightened up our playground. We had two visitors during the day who spoke about their time in India, we would like to thank Mrs Patel for showing us vegetables, mehndi and lots of other artefacts, as well as, Sue who even showed us the money used in India. In the afternoon, Curry Corner very kindly gave us some onion bhajis and we all got to taste them - they were yummy! Finally, we ended our day dancing to Mrs Clarke's Indian Zumba songs. We had an amazing time!!

Sports Day! The sun was shining for our very exciting sports afternoon. The children tried their best to complete activities showing skill and technique. Thank you all for coming to watch your children, they thoroughly enjoyed sharing their special day with you all.

Finding the difference using strawberry laces and sweet worms!

Marvelous Maths! This week we have been recapping multiplication and division

We had a fantastic day in Weston. It was a fun packed day...... the sea aquarium, the sand sculptures, lunch on the beach, playing in the sand and an ice cold lolly! The sun was shining and everybody enjoyed themselves! Miss Angus and Miss Blay were very impressed with the behaviour of both classes.

Topic Letter - Summer Term 6, 2015

New History Detectives (Summer, Term 5)

Shape mad! Lots of fun activities to help us remember the shape names (2D and 3D) and their properties.

RNLI Talk with Fraser Gunn. We were very lucky to have a RNLI volunteer come in and talk to us about the importance of the RNLI. The RNLI are a charity based organisation and rely on donations every year. We would like to help the RNLI by creating a fundraiser afternoon, we will send out letters nearer the time.

Glorious Gardening! The children, or gardeners as I should say, have been working incredibly hard over the past few weeks. Each group has been responsible for planting seeds, vegetables and flowers as well as, making sure they are all watered.

Is this tree deciduous or evergreen? Yellow Class became tree detectives this week!

Topic Letter - Summer Term 5

Gardening mad! I am so so impressed with the determination of Group 1 who have finished their sessions after school. They have worked incredibly hard to dig up our very dry and hard garden patch. Thank you for all your hard work mini gardeners!

Book buddies! This morning, we read stories to the children in Blue and Red Class! We even showed them our non-fiction book based on an African country. We had a lovely morning sharing books with one another.

St. George's Day celebrations! We learnt about why this day is special to people living in England. We each made a flag and had a great time waving them around.

Gardening club! The first group of children had the most difficult job of digging over the very hard and dry soil. They did a fantastic job and worked their arms incredibly hard! After removing some of the weeds, we sprinkled some compost over the dug over soil. We then planted some carrot seeds and watered them. We are crossing our fingers that soon our carrots will start to grow! We are really looking forward to next week's club!

Spring watch! We have been busy finding signs of spring and today we went back on our plant walk to see if any new flowers have grown. We wanted to learn about the features of different plants and trees so we took some colour matching cards to see how different plants are to one another. We found hundreds of daisies and dandelions, ivy, brambles, nettles, holly and forget-me-nots. We are looking forward to seeing more flowers bloom.

What is precious to you? Lots of children brought in something which holds special value to them personally or their family. It was lovely to share the children talking about what is precious to them and I must say some of them thought of some wonderful ideas. Thank you parents for helping your child to complete this piece of work, it is now on display in the classroom.

Y1 Easter Holiday activities

Year 1 Phonics Screening Check Talk PPT

Following on from our science lesson where we identified parts of a plant, we all had the opportunity to plant sunflowers in one of our flowerbeds. We all wore protective gardening gloves and used gardening tools to dig over the soil. We have named them with our group names so we can identify which sunflower will grow the tallest!! We know we need to make sure that we water the plant regularly. Next week, we will be planting more plants!

As part of our science topic, we have been investigating the structure of a plant. We are able to identify all parts as well as talk about their importance. We were particularly interested in how the stem gives water to all other parts of the plant as the water is required to go up the stem. To demonstrate this action, known as capillary action, we mixed food colouring and water and placed celery, carnations and daffodils into the jars. We are waiting to see just how the stem soaks up water and sends it to the other parts of the flower.

Easter Homework Projects! Miss Blay has thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of the wonderful pieces of work completed by the children. Thank you for all of your support. Please do come into the classroom to look at our lovely new display!

You just wouldn't believe who visited us this morning... THE EASTER BUNNY! Miss Blay and Miss Angus saw his long white ears and fluffy white tail but he was gone with a flash. He did however, drop just enough Easter eggs for each of us! We went onto an exciting hunt and found some yummy chocolate!

We have a new topic in Science for the upcoming term, Plants! We had a big brainstorm about what a plant is and how it is structured. Lots of us knew lots of different types of plants - Miss Blay was very impressed. We went on a plant walk around the school grounds to identify common plants and trees. On our walk we took exciting microphone magnifying glasses, LearnPads (to take photographs) and a plant spotter sheet. We had great fun and we identified lots of plants like daisies, ivy, moss, holly and brambles.

We had a special visitor come into school to talk to us about Africa. She was called Diane Lyle and she had visited Kenya and Ghana. She shared lots of information and we all listened very well! It was a fantastic talk! We learnt so much!

This week in maths, we have been recapping positional language. We have been engaging in practical activities to allow us to use vocabulary related to position and direction.

As the Easter holidays approach us, we have been thinking about the Christian meaning of Easter. We watched a video and spoke about what happened to Jesus. We also discussed the importance of a hot cross bun and what each part symbolises and then we got to eat some!

Red Nose Day! For Comic Relief, we wore something 'funny' to school - just take a look at us all! We have been sharing jokes with one another all day long. In our service two children from each class told their joke to the rest of the school. We have had a great day!

WOW! What a fantastic day we have had in Year One with our African Drumming workshop day. Our day has consisted of learning about African drums and how to play them keeping a steady beat, singing African songs, learning lots of new dances and having lots of fun! Thank you to all the parents/family members who joined us at the end of the day to celebrate the wonderful day we have had by watching us perform some of today's work. We just cannot stop shaking our hips and clapping to the beat!

In Geography we have been learning about Kenya. This afternoon we transformed our classroom into a Kenyan Village! We had a market where you could buy and sell items. We made necklaces and weaved baskets to sell too. We looked at Kenyan flag. Outside we carried a large bucket of water around the playground. We reflected on what it would be like to have no running water at home. We discussed what village life in Kenya was like.

Wow, what an amazing time we had performing at Cheltenham’s Town Hall in front of hundreds of people! The children had no time to sit and relax as we were either busy rehearsing, letting off some energy outside, eating lunch or preparing ourselves for our big show! The behaviour by all was fantastic and they represented the school brilliantly. I am so proud of each and every one of them for being so brave and not being phased by the huge stage we had to perform on. Year 1 can certainly dance!

This term in Computing, we are learning about typing on a word processor. We looked at laminated keyboard to familiarise ourselves with the different keys. We were able to locate the space bar, capital letter (Caps Lock) and the full stop key. We used LearnPad’s to type sentences. Miss Blay was really impressed, especially as this was our first go at typing!

Wonderful weaving! This term in DT we are learning about Kente weaving, famous from Ghana. We have been developing our weaving technique using strips of patterned paper. It was quite tricky making sure the strips were carefully weaved in and out, in and out but we think they look fantastic!

Exploring features of non-fiction texts!

History Detectives, you have a new mission! Research this lady and find out as much information as you can! GO GO GO!

Amazing athletics! Coach Callum taught us lots of new running games that helped us to develop our teamwork skills. We had lots of fun and are already looking forward to next week's lesson!

Super scientists! In science, we looked at different animals. We began to sort them into different categories; four legs, those with tails, those with fur, those with scales etc. We then learnt about how every animal belongs to a different animal group; reptiles, fish, birds, amphibians and mammals. We suddenly transformed into scientists as we were able to use our new knowledge to classify animals into their correct group! Miss Blay was so proud of us all!

Marvelous Measuring! We have been finding the length of different objects. We know that this means finding out how long something is. Each group used a different non-standard measuring unit and we looked at how every table got different results. In tomorrow's lesson, we will look at measuring with standard units (a ruler).

Super division! In maths this week, we have been learning about how division is the same as sharing between different groups. We solved each division sentence practically making sure each group had an equal amount.

Yellow Class have gone printing mad! What a colourful day we have had! We came in our 'messy clothes' to learn about African Adinkra symbols. We chose our favourite design and adapted it to make it our own design. We then used rollers to print our design. Other activities saw us creating adinkra bookmarks and printed African animals. We had a brilliant day!

Our five senses! As part of our science topic, we have been learning about the human body. Today, we explored each of our five senses by participating in different activities; smelling different food, tasting different crisps, hearing different farmyard animals, looking at optical illusions and feeling different textures. We concluded that it is much trickier to identify different objects/noises when using just one sense. It was an exciting afternoon!

"Prestbury village is full of human features!" On the chilly Monday morning, we walked into Prestbury to find as many human and physical features of geography. We stopped off at 13 different points and drew each place onto our sketch maps. Miss Blay is SO impressed with our geographical knowledge!

Exploring Bible Stories that show perseverance. We acted out the story of The Lost Sheep who did not give up looking for his stray sheep, even though he had 99 others.

Money! We have been very busy recognising coins, adding amounts and finding change from different amounts.

In Geography this term we are exploring the local area to look for human and physical features of geography. We went on a walk around school following picture clues. We then created a sketch map of our journey to help us retrace our steps. Next week, we will be exploring Prestbury village to look for human and physical features of Geography.

Go Wild In Africa!

Terrific Tennis! As the weather was cold and icy, we had an indoor PE lesson focusing on how to control our tennis racket and tennis ball. We realised that walking slowly really does help us to keep balance of our racket and ball.

Shapes are all around us! This week in Maths, we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. We went on a shape walk around school to see how many shapes we could find. We have also been making shape pictures and finding out about their properties. In Golden Time, some of us made some interesting 3D shapes!

Coding! This term in computing, we are learning about coding. We are beginning to understand that coding means giving a computer an instruction. We used the LearnPads and laptops to make objects move on a simple program by inserting a code. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves are already looking forward to next weeks lesson!

Problem solving! In maths this week, we have been weighing different fruits from Handa's Surprise. We then read some problems asking us to find out the total weight of two fruits. We used number-lines to solve each problem and we even remembered how to jump along the number-line without Miss Blay telling us! Super work!

Do you know your primary and secondary colours? We sure do! We had lots of fun learning about the 3 primary colours; red, yellow and blue. We wanted to find out what would happen when we mixed two of these colours together. We dipped our finger in one paint and another finger in a different colour of paint. We then rubbed our fingers together. What happened next was like magic! We had made secondary colours!

Brilliant balancing! Coach Gareth taught us how we can balance objects on different parts of our body – we even balanced a beanbag on our nose!! We had to think carefully about how we moved and the speed of our movement. We had lots of fun!

Finding 10 more than a number! We have been absolutely fantastic at using a hundreds square and finding 10 more. We are trying so hard to add 10 more without a hundreds square too. Miss Blay is so proud of us all!

Winter Walks. As part of our seasonal weather topic, we went outside to explore the features of Winter. Sorry Mummies and Daddies for our muddy shoes (Miss Blay is also incredibly sorry!). We found that most of the trees had lost their leaves, there were no flowers and the ground was wet and muddy!

Amazing Africa Projects! Miss Blay would just like to say a huge thank you to all those children, and parents, who worked so hard in the holidays to create such fantastic work! I am so impressed, please do come in and see our wonderful new display.

Year 1 Topic Letter - Term 3 2014-15

Christmas Party! What a fabulous end to a fantastic term in Year One. The children have all worked so very hard and have settled in brilliantly so what better way to reward them then to sing, dance and play party games with all their friends!

A Visitor From The Three Little Pigs! This morning Year 1 had a very special visitor come into school. He was the man who sold the straw, sticks and bricks to the three little pigs! We asked lots of questions and he told us about meeting the three pigs and Mother Pig. He showed us his van and the different materials he had. Luckily he hasn't actually seen the wolf and told us he thinks he has left the country!!

History Detectives, you have a new significant person to investigate! Print off the sheet and once completed, hand back to me. Good luck, although I know you won't need it!

Christmas Workshop saw us designing and making stained glass windows, colouring, dancing and making cakes! Yellow Class was filled with beautiful singing of the children (and teachers!) singing along to Christmas carols! A wonderful day!

Welcome to our Fairytale Ball! We all look incredible, thank you Mummies and Daddies for helping us! We have been soooo busy dancing this morning! We warmed our bodies up with an individual dance! Cinderella was sent away because she was in rags! Little did we know that the Fairy Godmother arrived in school and transformed Cinderella so she was allowed to dance after all! Miss Blay thinks we have been fabulous, true Princesses and Princes!

Ballroom Dancing Rehearsals! To prepare ourselves for our magical ball, we have been learning the waltz and jive! We are amazing!!!!!!

In Maths this week, we have bee exploring money! We have used 1p and 2p coins to buy different objects. As we did such a fantastic job with making amounts, Miss Blay let us buy things from a more expensive shop! We then used 5p and 10p coins to purchase different objects.

This term, Discovery Dog has been helping us learn about materials and their properties. Today, we met Discovery Dog's cousin Nora. She had a little accident on the floor!! Discovery Dog asked for our help to find the most suitable material to mop up with. We all found that cloth or tissue was the most absorbent material.

 Welcome to Yellow Class!
We are in Year 1 (Key Stage 1).
Miss Blay is our teacher


In Design and Technology, we have been busy making 3D Christmas decorations. We created two designs and then chose our favourite one to make. We think they look fabulous!

History Detectives 1