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Y1 Topic Letter - Term 6 2017

Year 1 Topic Letter - Term 5

Y1 Topic Letter - term 4

Having fun in our Africa Role Play Area

We practiced using a keyboard to write capital and lower case letters.

World Book Day. We had fun dressing up. Can you guess which characters we are?

African Drumming Day! We had great fun with Ropert. He came in and taught us how to play lots of different rhythms on different instruments, including African drums. Ropert also told us a story called 'Anansi and the First Drum', and we played our instruments to this story. Our families came and watched at the end of our day :)

We had great fun learning about Kente weaving in Ghana, and practicing paper weaving. We had to think very carefully! Do you like our weaving?

We had an Internet Safety Day and learnt how to use the internet safety. A police lady came in to talk to us too.

We went for a walk round Prestbury to look at the different buildings. We used clues to help us find the next building, and we looked at the physical and human features that we could see around our environment.

We tasted some of the exotic fruits from 'Handa's Surprise'

Exploring outside in Winter, and comparing it to Autumn.

Our last day before the Christmas holidays

Fairy Tale Ball - take a look at our amazing costumes... !! We also enjoyed the yummy rice krispie cakes that we made.

Making Rice Krispie cakes for our Fairy Tale Ball

Yellow Class helped with Open the Book today

Strictly Come Dancing - practicing our dance moves ready for the Fairy Tale Ball.

Everyman Theatre - A lady came from the Everyman Theatre to talk to us about the pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk. We helped her to act out the story and sang a song at the end.

Today we had a special visitor who came into school to tell us about the Three Little Pigs and the wolf. 'Alan' was the man who sold the straw, sticks and bricks to the three pigs. He showed us the different materials and talk about how the pigs asked him for the materials. He also showed us his van! We had a very interesting talk about the wolf and the many different stories everyone has heard about the wolf!

Topic Letter Term 2 2016

PowerPoint about Year 1 routines

Topic Letter term 1

Today we went on an Autumn walk to help us with our poetry. We used our senses to help us describe Autumn. We will use what we have explored today to help us write an Autumn poem.

Art Mural: Today we helped to create a mural that will be put up in our school. We used mosaic to do this.

Art: Drawing Day - We looked at how different artists have used lines in their work. We explored using and creating different lines.

Science: Cloud Spotting. We learnt about three different types of cloud: cirrus, stratus and cumulus. We then went outside with our cloud spotter and looked to see which clouds were in the sky.

Geography: We have been thinking about the weather, and watched a weather report. We then used weather symbols and a map of the UK to give our own weather report for Cheltenham.

Take a look at some of our Science photos! We have been learning about seasons. You can see some of our work, and some of the Autumn things that we have found!

Geography: We received a letter from Little Red Riding Hood. We helped her Granny decide whether to go to a hot or cold country. We did our research about hot and cold countries, and we suggested either Brazil or the Arctic. Granny chose to go to Brazil, and even sent us a postcard!

Drama: We acted out the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, thinking about our story language.

Art: We have been learning about the artist Su Blackwell. We have spent the past few weeks collaboratively creating a sculpture in the same style. We created a fairy tale land.

Music: We have been listening to the beat and learning to play the glockenspiel.

Computing: We have looked at some of our programmable toys and talked about what happens when we press the button