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Yellow Class

In science we learnt about the difference between evergreen trees and deciduous trees. We went outside and had a look at the different leaves

Cress Investigation. In Science we have been thinking about what plants need in order to grow. We put four pots of cress in different areas of the classroom and will vary the amount of water and sunlight to check which cress grows the best.

In maths this week we have been focusing on doubles and halves. We created ice creams to help remind us of these number facts.

Seascape Creations! Using different materials we created a collage of blue waves to create our beautiful seascapes. We are in the process of adding our lighthouses to them so do come in and see them displayed.

This afternoon we had a very special visitor, Fraser Gunn, who is a volunteer for the RNLI. Fraser spoke to us about the importance of staying safe during holidays.

We were lucky enough to have Andy come into school and teach us how to stay safe and away from any danger during a Jujutsu taster lesson. We had great fun!

In maths we helped Mr Grinling with a little problem. We made a potion to help Hamish run faster! The important thing was to measure the ingredients out carefully to make sure the potion would work.

We really enjoyed our paired reading with Mr Duffy's Year 4 Class. We read a story to a year 4 child and they read us a story to us. It was a great success!

We have been recapping the main parts of the plants and their functions. We were interested to find out how a stem is able to carry water up to the flower. We decided to undertake a small investigation to see how water travels up the stem by using carnations, roses and celery and placing them in food colour water. We are looking forward to seeing the results in the upcoming few weeks.

Perfect place value! This week in maths we have been looking at two digit numbers and partitioning them into tens and ones. We have used practical equipment as well as arrow cards.

WOW, what a fantastic first day back we have had in Yellow Class. I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at the children's seaside projects and I must say that I am so impressed with them! Thank you for all your hard work over your Easter break - the display looks truly fabulous, do come and see for yourself!

You'll never believe who paid us a sneaky visit this morning... Only the Easter Bunny! He left us an egg each but we had to look high and low in the hall to find them!

Experience Easter at St Mary's Church. A lovely morning spent learning about the Easter Story.

We have been thinking about Easter. Today we read the Easter Story and discussed how Easter is a special time for Christians. We also learnt about how hot cross buns link to Easter. We all got to eat part of a hot cross bun, it was yummy!

A day in a life of a Kenyan child

World Book Day - I was blown away with the children's costumes.

Wacky Races!! We had such a fantastic time racing around our wacky track! Even Mr Fletcher, Miss Blay and Miss Hamer joined in!!

Amazing athletic activities with Miss Pearson. We have been developing our throwing, hopping and running skills.

Tennis with Mr Coldrey

This week we all went on a walk around Prestbury. We looked at the human and physical features in our local environment. We used the LearnPad's to follow the journey and worked together to create a journey map.

Multiplication Madness! We are learning to create arrays to the 2 times table.

This term in Geography, we are learning about human and physical features in our local environment. We went on a journey around school to spot the different types of features.

Term 3 Topic Letter

This week we have been recapping 3D shapes. We know that all 3D shapes have vertices, edges and faces. We used marshmallows and cocktail sticks to construct our own 3D shapes. We then looked closely at each shape's properties.

A Fruity Surprise! Today we tried some of the fruits that Handa put in her basket. We tried a sweet smelling guava, a juicy pineapple, a ripe red mango, a creamy green avocado and a tangy purple passion fruit!

In Computing we have been using the LearnPads to learn all about coding. We have learnt to write a code to make some fish move around the screen.

Go Wild in Africa! Lots of lovely play within our jungle role play area.

Colour mixing. In Art this term, we will be investigating how the three primary colours can be mixed together to make secondary colours. We had great fun mixing the paint with our fingertips!

Welcome back and Happy New Year to you all. It was fantastic watching the children all bounce happily through the doors this morning. I also loved seeing all of their amazing Africa projects based on our brand new topic of 'Let's Go Wild in Africa' - thank you so much for working so hard on them over the busy Christmas period. Please do come and have a look at the display, it is incredible!

Christmas Party Day! Wow, what an amazing first term we have had in Yellow Class. I am so proud of all the children as they have worked so hard since arriving in September. Thank you Mummies and Daddies for all of your support. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to hearing all about your Christmas adventures in the New Year. Thank you so much for your thoughtful gifts and cards, I feel very overwhelmed!

We had a special visitor come into school today to talk to the children about the Three Little Pigs. His name was Alan. He was the man that sold the materials to the three pigs. He answered lots of questions and we got to look in his van!

The Christmas Story. We talked about the special gifts the Wise Men gave to baby Jesus. We looked at gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Getting ready for our Fairy Tale Ball. We made some lovely cakes!

Our magical Christmas Workshop Day! We have had such a special day today. First the reindeers came to leave us some special treats! Then we were busy decorating Christmas Tree stain glass windows, colourful penguins and lots of other lovely crafty bits. We have had an amazing day!

Reindeers in Yellow Class!!

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You'll never guess who came to visit us last night?! Three dancing reindeers!! They came to collect our letters to Father Christmas and left us a magical white trail and a funny dance video! We are sooooo much more excited for Christmas!

Our amazing costumes for our 'Born in a Barn' Nativity. Thank you so much Mummies and Daddies for making and/or buying the wonderful costumes, the children look fantastic!

Yellow Class put back on their dancing shoes! Miss Blay taught us a few more steps to add to our truly beautiful waltz and jive routines!

Science Investigation. Today we had to help Discovery Dog with a problem. He wanted to find out which material was best for mopping up some water. First we predicted which material we thought would soak up the most. Afterwards, we carried out the investigations in our groups. Finally we talked to Discovery Dog and told him what we had found out.

Countdown to Christmas!

In preparation for our Fairytale Ball, we have been learning the steps to the Waltz and Jive. We were organised into partners where we practised our dancing hold. We danced beautifully and elegantly, Miss Blay was particularly impressed as it was our first practise!

Christmas Design and Technology. We have spent the past two mornings designing and creating a pop up Christmas decoration. We could choose between a Christmas tree, bauble, snowman or present. We thought carefully about the presentation of our design and once happy, we chose our template. We are now adding the finishing touches to our decorations. We think they look fantastic!

Money Mad! This week in maths we have been using different coins to make different amounts. This has helped us to count in multiples of 2's.

Wonderful gymnastics! Today we learnt how to perform a log roll and a rock and roll roll. We had lots of fun practising these gymnastic moves.

This week in maths, we have been learning about Capacity. We have been working really hard to remember that capacity is the space within a container. We found different amounts with different containers.

In History this term, we will be investigating the history of teddy bears. Children in Yellow Class were asked to bring in a teddy bear belonging to either themselves or a family member. It has been so exciting meeting all of the teddies and we have even met some teddies who are over 50 years old! We cannot wait to meet the rest of the teddies next week! We will place them into a timeline to spot any similarities and differences between old and new teddy bears.

Halving numbers using practical equipment.

Our focus in English for the next three weeks is instructions. Lots of children went home and found different sets of instructions that we looked at in class.

Science..... We went on a material walk around school looking at the objects and working out what the objects were made from.

Super smoothies! After a busy week learning about what we can do to help make our bodies healthy, we decided to make a healthy smoothie! It was full of bananas, strawberries and apple juice. It was DELICIOUS!

Super Gymnastics! This term, we will be developing our gymnastics skills. Today, Mr Coldrey taught us how to travel around the space using different parts of our body. We also practised moving like a caterpillar, which is harder than it sounds, as well as perform an egg roll.

After thinking about how to measure rainfall, we looked into rain gauges. Some of the children went home and made their own rain gauges. Miss Blay was SO impressed with their efforts and we have now planted them within our Year 1 vegetable patch. We are very excited to measure the rainfall we experience this autumn.

Autumn WOW day! What an amazing day to end the term. We made hedgehogs and trees out of leaves, painted our clay toadstools and explore Autumn outside! We had so much fun!

Shape mad! This week in maths, we have been busy identifying and naming 2D shapes. We went outside into the playground on a shape hunt and found so many different shaped objects! We also had fun chalking shapes, even if it was a little tricky!

In science this week, we have been exploring signs of Autumn as well as identifying different type of clouds. We had great fun spotting Cirrus clouds whilst playing in the fallen leaves!

In art we have been making clay toadstools to go in our forest.

Heavy or light? Today we used balance scales to work out the weight of different objects.

In Geography, we have been learning about hot and cold countries. Little Red Riding Hood wrote to us explaining that she wanted to take her Grandma on holiday after her Big Bad Wolf experience but wasn't sure about where to take her. She wanted to go somewhere either very hot, or somewhere very cold. Today, we investigated Canada - a very COLD country! We tasted maple syrup and pancakes, which is famous in Canada, and they were so yummy! We used a weather report to dress a family for a day in Canada, we looked at photographs of different landmarks and we also located Canada on a world map. If you need to know anything about Canada, be sure to ask us!