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World Book Day

What a super fun day Blue Class have had with Mrs Tandy and Mrs Harris to celebrate Day 1 of our World Book Day event. Firstly, they all looked amazing - I've loved looking through the photographs. Thank you for kitting them out in some super duper pjs!
As a special treat, the children each had a mug of hot chocolate to drink whilst listening to some stories being read to them. It really made them feel all cosy and warm - some even said it felt like bedtime!
Afterwards, Blue Class went on a hunt around school to collect 10 envelopes. They had to think carefully about each clue as the clue led them to the room of the envelope. Once all 10 had been found, they had to take them back to the classroom. Inside each envelope was a caption that matched a story book. Mrs Tandy said the children were excellent at working together to match the caption to the correct story.
Before lunch, the children got into two groups to share their favourite story as a circle time. They explained why the book was their favourite and even showed their friends some of their favourite pages.


Firstly, thank you SO much for the effort you went to in making your child/children look as fantastic as they did! We had such a brilliant day together ☺️
We started our day talking about World Book Day and why reading is magical, exciting, important and so much more. We then took it in turns to stand up and share our costumes with one another.
We then had a super exciting assembly today too. The teachers took it in turns to strut their stuff down our catwalk as their character which had the children in hysterics! We then listened to a variety of teachers read an extract from their favourite story for the children to then guess. Finally, it was the children's go to walk the catwalk out of assembly and back to class!
Back in Blue Class we carried on exploring some super exciting reading activities and played lots of games together. In the afternoon, 3GG joined us from the Junior school so that we could read to them (will upload separate photos as I’ve been restricted!). We then spent the rest of the afternoon outside playing some ring games in the sunshine.
Just before home time, we had a circle time that linked to my story of ‘The Rainbow Fish’. I asked the children to think of who they would give a glittery scale to and why. They thought of some really thoughtful and lovely ideas.
To fill our last 10 minutes together, we read book upon book upon book! Some children asked to keep their book here until next week so we could read them.
All in all a fabulous day ☺️📚💙