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What is gravity?

Space is the perfect topic to carry out some science investigations and yesterday was our first one! I asked the children why everything on our earth stays down whereas in space, why can astronauts float and bob around? We then explored the force gravity and had great fun jumping up and down, dropping items from heights and watching astronauts in space. We learnt that gravity is an invisible force and was first discovered by Sir Isaac Newton when he questioned why an apple fell from a tree and bumped him on the head! Gravity pulls everything down and is very important for us to stay alive. We learnt that space has very little gravity and the further you travel the less and less there is. For aeroplanes and space rockets to launch into space, they need to have super powerful engines that can overcome gravity. This afternoon we all made our own rockets and had great fun designing them and launching them - we had to practise taking a deep breath in and releasing it quickly with force. We also discussed the importance of not sharing straws and making sure we blew air into the straw carefully.