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What do animals give us?

This afternoon we thought about the animals we might see at the Farm Park. We discussed the importance of animals and what they give to us. The children shared their own knowledge which some children didn't know - many thought that only cows produce milk but we learnt that goats and sheep do too. We watched a short video about how the milk we drink is produced. We matched pictures to different animals which was very interesting as the children didn't realise we could link cheese and ice cream to a cow! Albie then showed us some real sheep wool. Harry asked Albie how he got it and Albie explained how the sheep on his Pa's farm were sheared. Not many children knew what sheared meant so we watched a video. At first, the children were worried that it might hurt the sheep but we likened it to us having a haircut. Albie told us that sheep only get sheared once a year towards the summer so they don't get too hot. We all touched and smelt the wool and many commented on how it smelt of 'farm'! Thank you for bringing it in for us, Albie ☺️