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Vet visit

This afternoon, Ollie from Dragon Vets visited us to talk about his job and the animals he cares for. 
He brought along his pet tortoise, Henry. Henry is a Mediterranean Spur-Thighed tortoise and is 11 years old but could potentially live until he's 100! He was a rescue tortoise as his old owner couldn't look after him properly so Ollie adopted him. He loves to eat green vegetables but also strawberries! He is a very slow walker because his shell is so heavy. In the wild, tortoises will hide within their shell if a predator is close and pretend to be just a rock. Henry sleeps through the winter which is called brumation (reptile equivalent to hibernation). 
Ollie then told us about his job as a veterinarian and the differences between a vet and a doctor. He had to study for 5 years at university and can now operate on a range of household animals. He told us about a cat he recently operated on. The cat was brought into the surgery but they were unsure of who the cat belonged to but luckily the cat was microchipped and they contacted his owners straight away. His name was Bob and he was hit by a car and the X-ray showed that his right leg had broken in two places. Ollie then put metal pins into the cats leg to help bond the bones back together. Bob is now fighting fit after his 6 week checkup. Ollie told us that cats should be kept in at night time because they are hard to see for drivers. He also told us to always microchip our pets.
Did you know humans have 206 bones but cats have 244 and dogs even more with some bigger dogs having up to 300. 

I was really impressed with the questions some children asked Ollie and I know Ollie was also impressed. 
*What happens if an animal doesn't have a collar or a microchip?
*What is the largest/smallest animal you have helped?
*How many animals have you helped? (Ollie sees over 30 animals a day!)
*Have you ever helped African snails or fish? 
*How do you become a vet?
*Who do you work with?
*Have you helped any animals today? (yes 3 and more after our visit!)
They had many more questions to ask but we ran out of time! Lots of children have told me they would love to now become a vet! 

We gave Ollie a huge clap and said a huge thank you!