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The Lost Sheep

Today, the whole school have been thinking about good news that Christians believe Jesus brought to the world. We all read the story of The Lost Sheep. The children were amazed to hear that the shepherd had 100 sheep. He cared for all of them and when one little sheep went missing, he didn't give up hope and searched high and low for him. Christians believe God is like the shepherd; he loves and cares for everyone, no matter what because we are all very special. 
In the afternoon, we were super busy completing lots of sheep related activities. Firstly, we went on a sheep hunt (similar to 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt') and had lots of fun acting out the actions. We made fluffy sheep plates, puppets, wooly jumpers and lost posters. Outside, the children were busy making sheep folds to stop any escaping! The children also wanted to act out the story and after my initial narration, they then narrated it themselves on the stage. 
Finally, we learnt a song with actions and retold the story one more time with different actors.