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The Good Samaritan

Our school value this term is love. We each took it in turns to think about who we love and why which was very sweet to listen to. We also thought about other things we love doing or using - toys, games, holidays, cuddles, reading and many more.
Tessa told us she had a Bible story that linked to love and asked me to read it during story time. This story was a parable, a story Jesus told to others so they could learn from it, and was called The Good Samaritan. Afterwards, we acted out the story using masks.
'There was once a Jewish man walking from Jerusalem to Jericho but behind some rocks were two robbers (Blue Class were able to use the word thieves too) who stole the man's bag, leaving him injured. Not long after, a priest was walking towards the man but instead of helping, he crossed to the other side of the path. Soon after another man, a Levite was walking towards the man but he just pretended he hadn't seen the man. After a while, a Samaritan was walking towards the Jewish man. It was known that Jewish people didn't like Samaritans and didn't treat them very well. But that did not stop the Samaritan from helping the Jewish man. He helped him onto the donkey and found a nearby inn. He paid the innkeeper some money to look after the man until he was better.'
Jesus told this story to remind others to show love and compassion towards others, no matter who they are. The children thought about playtime and if someone had hurt themselves - they would always help their friend to get up or take them to first aid.