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The Gingerbread Man has escaped!

Oh my goodness me, what an eventful morning! We discovered two envelopes by our class oven and wondered who on earth they were from. I read the letter to the children, it was from our Gingerbread Man. He was LOST! He told us he had left some photographic clues for us to follow but we had to look closely. We couldn't believe it, so we looked in our oven but it was true - HE WAS MISSING! There were all sorts of gasps and noises with some looking super worried. We opened the next envelope and after lots of discussion Lucy identified it was a door lock and must be the one in the classroom leading to outside as that's the only door I can lock and unlock. We then knew he must have been outside somewhere so coats and wellies were a must! We followed the clues all around school and I was so impressed with their ideas and explanations. Some children spoke about the importance of not eating or touching berries, some identified that it must be an evergreen tree as the photo shows leaves, some knew that bark is put on the ground. At last we found the last clue leading us to somewhere with lots of orangey twigs - it was the willow den. There he was, stuck in the willow and I had to reach him down to safety. Alex D was certain he climbed so high because a fox was after him on the field. Jane wondered if he was just playing hide and seek with us but got stuck. Elodie thought the fox tried to climb after him but he fell down as his claws were too big for the branches. Darcy told him "you naughty gingerbread man, you should not have run away" whilst giving him a big hug. Back inside, we all took it in turns to give him a hug and talk to him. Whilst talking about what had happened Samuel was concerned with just how the gingerbread man escaped. "It must have been a teacher who let him out". I remembered on Friday Miss Angus was looking over by the oven but I had to go so didn't see what happened next. We asked Miss Angus to come up to us to explain what had happened. She told us that she heard a noise and then a little voice that shouted "help, help!" So she opened the oven door but became scared so she ran to her own classroom but forgot to close the oven door. She didn't realise that he would run away in the cold and wet weather. She was sorry for opening the door as well as being sorry for not being honest and admitting what she had done straight away but because she told the truth she was given a value pebble for being honest. We forgave her but she must never do it again. The gingerbread man is now back in the oven with the stool pushed up against the door. Rafferty, Samuel and Hayden are super keen for me to buy a padlock to padlock him in!


I hope the children have told you lots about this as they were so engrossed all morning and afternoon!! These moments are magical đź’«