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This afternoon we thought about describing the appearance and feel of different objects and learnt our new key word texture. We looked at some photographs of different objects and tried to describe how they would feel. We realised it would be a lot easier if we could touch the objects to identify the different properties. Next we sent round a bag of different materials and took it in turns to describe the texture. It’s quite a tricky thing to do at 4 and 5 years old so I was so pleased to hear words like soft, hard, smooth, rough, bumpy, fluffy, furry ☺️

We had lots of fun completing different activities that encouraged us to either explore or make a variety of textures. We also went on a ‘texture walk’ in Rainbow Room with Miss Hillman. 

These were the fabulous adjectives the children used to describe the texture of each material: squishy, sticky, furry, smooth, bumpy, rough, soft, fluffy, fuzzy, stripy, scratchy, lumpy, spongy, squidgy, bubbly, hard, and my two favourites ‘hilly’ and ‘grassy’!