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Spring hunt

This afternoon we spent some time thinking about Spring.
We remembered some features of this season:
Baby animals are born - chicks, lambs, foals, calves, cygnets, ducklings...
Flowers grow - buttercups, bluebells, daffodils, primroses, blossom
The weather can be all kinds but we love this sunny weather the best!
Animals wake up from their hibernation as it’s warmer
Leaves grow back on trees and are green 
Birds return from their migration to hotter countries and sing lots of lovely songs in the morning
We have more daylight due to facing the sun

We then went outside to spot signs of spring and collected petals, flowers, grass and anything else we spotted that indicated signs of spring. We noticed a lot of dandelions and Harry B told us how they were weeds. The children enjoyed blowing the dandelion seed pods and thought they were like helicopters shooting into the air. We found some bluebells, buttercups, dead daffodils, elderflower, strawberry plants, holly, forget-me-nots and hundreds of daisies! We saw some bees flying around the forget-me-nots and Charlotte told us not to be afraid because they were just getting some nectar to make honey. We also found a tree in someone’s back garden that had poisonous flowers on - lamburnum. We spoke about how we should never pick the flower as the seeds are very dangerous to humans if digested. Our spring plates and boards look beautiful and we will complete this activity again in summer to see if we can find any more flowers - we are hoping for actual strawberries too!