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Sports Relief

We had a super fun and active day today. We admired each other’s sporty outfits and talked about our favourite sports. We thought about Sports Relief and how we are raising money for those less fortunate than us around the world. We listened to the official Sport Relief song too and had a good bop along. Thank you for sending your child in with £1 - we raised £168 as a school with more money still being donated after home time. Mrs Fletcher asked us to measure the distance of our coins and we measured an impressive 94cm! We had great fun thinking about a metre stick and measured each other! My metre stick is colour coded which was great for allowing the children to practise their counting in 10’s. I also set the children a challenge before break - they had to jump the distance of our coins! I was so impressed with their jumping and many jumped further than 1 metre!! 
After lunch, we completed a super fun circuit of activities that required the children to go under, through, on and over apparatus. The children liked how it was one continuous activity and had to walk down the corridor to begin the circuit again! Afterwards, we had some fort fun in the sun before playing on the field for the first time this year thanks to the glorious sunshine! 
A super sporty day šŸ¤©