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Remembrance Day

Today was our whole school Remembrance Day. The children spotted that I was wearing my poppy which led nicely into our discussion of Remembrance Day. We spoke about the soldiers who fought in WW1 and how many of them died, along with civilians. We thought about how scary and sad it must have been for everyone involved. We watched a short animation about a rabbit who was scared of the fighting and hid for a long time but once the war was declared over he peeked out of his hiding place and noticed that a beautiful red poppy had grown in the battlefield and then there were hundreds of poppies. We looked at photographs of soliders and discussed what they wore and used to protect themselves. We then looked at photographs of London and identified that London is our capital city. We saw a photograph of the Queen laying wreaths on a large cenotaph during a remembrance service. I told the children how on Sunday at 11 o'clock a 2 minutes silence will be held so we can remember those soldiers who fought so hard. We linked this to Cheltenham's Cenotaph, opposite the Municipal Offices, as there will be a service on Sunday morning where people will remember those who fought and died by laying poppies and wreaths. The children wanted to have our own 'quiet time' so we turned our sandtimer over and closed our eyes for a minute. All day, we made a range of poppy crafts; stain glass windows, poppy photo frames, paper plates, colouring, badges, poppy rockets, painting, stamping, lanterns, playdough poppies, construction poppies and many many more! The children showed compassion and respect in all discussions and activity times and I couldn't have been prouder of them.