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Purple Class

Year 2 were fantastic at the Kick Rounders Festival!

We enjoyed looking outside for things that are living or had once been alive.

Purple Class investigated whether the tallest person had the biggest feet.

Purple Class enjoyed visiting Tocuaro for the day.

Building Bridges

Experience Easter

Exploring green.

A fun day at the Steam Museum.

Investigating plants

We had fun dressing up as our favourite book characters.

Using our maths skills in science lessons.

Purple Class want to find out if we can grow trees from twigs...we also want to know if plants always need soil to grow.

We enjoyed acting out the Wedding at Cana.

We love investigating materials.

Making 3D shapes from nets

Having fun at Christmas.

Purple Class enjoyed testing materials to see if they would conduct electricity.

At St. Mary's Church for 'Experience Christmas'.

Maths is fun

Sequencing movements in PE

Instruction writing

Life bus visit

We had great fun on our Little Red Riding Hood Wow day!

Learning to describe and name 2D and 3D shapes.

Learning to find half of a given amount of money.

Measuring using centimetres and grams

Using a number line in mathematics.

We really enjoyed making up a dance and learning a poem in R.E.

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