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Pantomime Workshop

This morning we were visited by Karen and her two helpers Martha and Tamsin. Karen works at The Everyman Theatre and came to talk to us about their upcoming pantomime, Cinderella.
Karen taught us that a pantomime is like a live movie with actors who perform on the stage. They have to learn their words and know how to act using their face, hands and bodies.
Karen then asked us to think about Cinderella and the characters in the story. The children had to think of adjectives to describe how each character behaved. Cinderella was kind, hard working and generous. The Ugly Sisters were mean, lazy and bossy. The Prince was charming, kind and helpful.
Karen told us the story of Cinderella and afterwards she asked for some volunteers to help act out the story. Lucy was selected to play one of The Ugly Sisters and we were all very proud of how brave she was! We all got to join in with the booing and we had to help become the clock to remind Cinderella that it had turned midnight! We used our loudest 'bong' sound and made sure to say bong 12 times! The volunteers tried so hard to tell the story and we gave them all a huge clap!
To finish our session with Karen, we learned a new song called Ice Cream which will be sang at the end of the performance. The second verse was very quick and we tried very hard!
Lots of children are super excited to watch the show especially now we know that in this version there is NO pumpkin - Cinderella does NOT travel in a carriage. We suggested some ideas of how she could travel there instead - by bike, car, truck, train, golf buggy, boat but Karen told us it was a special surprise... I wonder what it will be?!
Thank you to our wonderful PTFA for organising this for all the children :)