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Our Wonderful World

In RE this term we are thinking about how Christians believe God created our world. In our first session we thought about our world and how it is made up of land and water. We discussed how our world is full of amazing animals. We looked at different continents and the types of animals that live there. We discussed the reasons why particular species live in particular countries - camels can live in hot climates in the desert because when they eat and drink they can store it as fat in their hump and they also have wide, soft feet to help with walking for a long time on hot sand. We learnt some facts about tigers and zebras about how, like us, they are all unique and have a different pattern of stripes. We also thought about how other things in our world are beautiful; flowers, waterfalls, rivers, beaches, caves etc. We continued our learning in groups and matched animals to their continent or ocean. It was a tricky job but the children had great ideas about whether the animal would live on land or in water and whether the animal would live in a hot or cold climate. I chose to look at a tuna fish as one of our focus animals which fascinated the children as they had no idea the tuna they eat in baguettes came from an actual fish that swims around in our oceans! Next week we will be learning about the Story of Creation.