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Our walk around Prestbury

The sun was shining for our walk around Prestbury. We looked at all the human and physical features we could find. We walked up Bouncer's Lane towards the village. We saw some new buildings and some very old ones. We went up the High Street and walked past a pub, hairdressers and shop.  Then we went towards the war memorial and saw Harry's house!  We saw St Mary's Church and the 3rd pub! We stopped and listened to the water from streams behind the hedge. We saw horses and sheep in the field.  We walked up Bowbridge Lane and saw all the beautiful big houses. We then arrived at the race course. We even got to see some alpacas in the garden by the house next to the race course.  We then retraced our steps back down Bowbridge lane, onto The Burgage and past The Royal Oak & the Scout Hut.  We then saw the shop & hairdresser on the right and the library on the left! Finally we went back to school. It was a fantastic walk and the children walked for 1 and 1/2 hours in total. Our village is full of beautiful buildings and wildlife.