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Our visit from Caterlink

This morning, Jason and Jackie visited us from Caterlink. They wanted us to learn more about our tongue but first we had to identify all 5 senses which was tricky as we haven't thought about it before today. After some careful thinking they could name all 5. Jason asked them to pick up the bread on their plate. He asked them to touch it, look at it, listen to it, smell it and finally eat it! Afterwards he asked them to eat the chocolate which was dark with a high percentage of cocoa. Could they identify the taste? With help they identified 'bitter'. Jason asked them to mark on their paper where on their tongue did they think it was bitter. Next up was lemon, strawberry jam and a Pringle. The children identified the tastes of sour, sweet and salty and marked it onto their tongue. For being such brilliant listeners, Jason let them eat the blue jelly. But guess what some didn't want to eat it as it was 'too blue' but little did they realise it was actually strawberry flavour! Jason explained how some people eat with their eyes but should try new things as you should try something 14 times before saying you don't like it! 

Afterwards, we each made a healthy pizza. Jason taught us how to cut correctly whilst being very careful. The children chose the fruit they liked to put onto their watermelon and many made faces. The children ate the during the afternoon session. 

We said a huge thank you to Jason and Jackie for giving up their time this morning.