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Our special firefighter visit!

This morning Reception had a very special surprise waiting for them in the car park - a fire engine and 4 firefighters 👩🏻‍🚒🚨🚒👨🏻‍🚒

Mr Rood, Josephine’s Daddy, brought along his three firefighter colleagues and his very exciting fire engine!! 

We got into three groups to learn about the important job firefighters do. 1 group got to go inside the fire engine, 1 group sprayed water from the super powerful hose and the other got to explore the electrical claws. 

We learnt so many things:

Firefighters can be both firemen and fire women - Firefighter Georgina used to go to St Mary’s and encouraged children to follow their dreams! 

Firefighters work all day and all night to help keep us safe

Fire is extremely dangerous 

They put out fires with their enormous hoses - we learnt that the hoses used to put out big fires are so heavy that people cannot even lift them! 

Claws are used to squash, tear and stretch the toughest of material. Firefighter Jim pointed to my car and said that they could easily make a huge hole in the boot!! 

Helmets protect firefighter’s heads and faces

Their uniforms are thick and cover every single ounce of skin to help protect them from burning fire

Water comes from the pump and the pump only works if the engine is turned on

The hose is so powerful that if it was pointed at an adult it would launch them back hundreds of yards - it would be very painful 

They have 8 hoses that can connect together

They have to work in a team and communicate very well

They have to teach others how to stay fire safe which we will explore for Bonfire night.


The children had an amazing time working together to spray the water and exploring inside the engine - some even got to wear the helmet! We had a class photo with Mr Rood and we gave him and his team a huge thank you. We are so grateful that they took time out in their day to come and see us. Before we went I asked Mr Rood if he could turn the siren on but guess what - Mrs Hopton’s Tiger had accidentally pressed a button that stopped it from working! Luckily they got it working and it was soooo loud! The lights flashed and it was so exciting! 


We spent the rest of the afternoon talking about our experience, learning about firefighters in more detail, acting out experiences and taking on the role of firefighters  and thinking about other people who help us. We thought of doctors and nurses, vets, parents, police officers, teachers, bin men/women, postmen/postwomen, paramedics and so many more! We discussed how both males and females can do any job they like. The children shared ideas about what they would like to be when they are older. A super fun day!