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Orange Class

RNLI. We had a special visitor from the RNLI who told us about the amazing work the charity does.

International Week......If you come into Orange Class this week you will learn all about France. We played French boules, made the Eiffel tower using straws , created Monet inspired Water Lilies painting, went around the Louve and tasted lots of French food!

We had a fantastic hot afternoon at Multi Skills!! We worked so hard and one of our teams came 3rd! Miss Angus was so pleased with all our determination. Well done all!

We had a fantastic Coding Morning with Year 5. Year 5 came over to our class and we created some fantastic Apps together.

Year 1 Topic Letter - Term 6 2017

What does a stem do on a plant and how does it work? We discussed this question and decided to put some flowers in coloured water to see what happens.

We carried out a science investigation today..... what do plants need to grow? We decided to find out by planting some cress seeds.

Making a seascape picture using different materials and paper.

Our sunflower seeds are starting to grow.

In History we learnt about what life was like for Grace Darling. We then acted out a typical day in the lighthouse. Next week we will find out about why she is famous.

Today we planted some sunflower seeds. We are going to watch them grow.

Year 1 Topic Letter - Term 5

Today we went on a Spring walk. We saw lots of daisy, dandelions and even a bluebell.

The Easter Bunny came into school today and we went on a Egg hunt!

Experience Easter. We went to St Mary's Church to listen to the Easter story and complete some activities.

Red Nose Day 2017! We all looked amazing!

Today we experienced life in a Kenyan village. We carried buckets of water, made bracelets for the market, coloured in the Kenyan flag, created our own market and weaved to make baskets. We even tasted some ugali.....most of us didn't like it including Miss Angus. It made us think about how lucky we are.

We went on a plant walk to look at the different plants we could find around school.

Kente weaving. We have created our own weaving using different coloured ribbons. In took us a long time to complete.

World Book Day...... What an amazing fun day we had. We all dressed up as our favourite book character. Miss Angus was a Oompa Loompa! We listened to different stories in French, Hungarian, Spanish and German. In the afternoon we did paired reading with Year 4. It was a wonderful day. We learnt so much about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

We had an amazing day drumming with Ropert. We told the story of anansi and the first drum.

Y1 Topic Letter - Term 4

Our amazing Dance-a-thon! We all danced for 30 minutes and had so much fun. Thank you Miss Blay for organising it all!

Weaving..... We have been learning to weave paper! It is quite tricky but we worked hard and our final piece looks amazing!

What an amazing printing day we had. We looked at adinkra printing from Ghana and became very creative with our printing. We was a super fun day and Miss Angus we very proud of our amazing art work.

Safer Internet Day. PCSO Lynda Jackson came into school to talk to the children about how to stay safe online. In the classroom we created a Hector display and talk about the rules we have. Can you remember them?

We had a lovely time reading our Handa's Hen books to the children in Blue Class. It was great to share our amazing story writing with the children in Reception.

On Tuesday we went on a walk around Prestbury to look at the different buildings. We had to look at clues to find the next building. We talked about the human and physical features we saw. It was a little wet but Miss Angus was so proud of everyone.

We went on a walk around school today to look at the physical and human features. We had to follow a map and locate the different features.

In Science this week we have been looking at what animals eat. We talked about what a herbivore, carnivore and an omnivore is. Can you remember?

We have been very creative this week.... look at our beautiful African sunset pictures. Miss Angus is very impressed.

Tasting some Africa fruit. Today we tasted pineapple avocado and mango. Miss Angus was very impressed with the children that tried avocado!

Coding..... We have been learning to create an App on the LearnPads. We had to make sure the code was correct for the APP to work.

We have been colour mixing and learning how to mix primary colours to make other colours. We completed colour sums and then made snakes for our classroom!

In Science we went on a Winter walk and looked at the sycamore tree on our field. What have you noticed now we are in Winter?

Amazing Africa. What a fantastic way to start the term. We looked at all the holiday work we did about Africa. Thank you so much for all your support.

Happy Christmas everyone! Even Father Christmas came to Orange Class last night and left a little mess in our classroom! Thank you so much for our lovely Christmas gifts! From Miss Angus and Mrs Warner.

Some reindeers came to visit Orange Class over night! They put some music on and started to dance!! They left a letter from Father Christmas!

Still image for this video

Delicious Christmas lunch with Miss Angus and Mrs Warner!

Science investigation...... Which is the best material to mop up some water?

Strictly Come Dancing..... learning our moves for the Fairy tale Ball on Monday.

Today we had a special visitor who came into school to tell us about the Three Little Pigs and the wolf. 'Alan' was the man who sold the straw, sticks and bricks to the three pigs. He showed us the different materials and talk about how the pigs asked him for the materials. He also showed us his van! We had a very interesting talk about the wolf and the many different stories everyone has heard about the wolf!

In Computing we have been looking at Scratch Junior on the LearnPad ad learning how to code.

We had a special visitor talk to us about pantomimes. She was from the Everyman Theatre. We told the Story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Thank you PTFA for paying for it, we loved it and laughed lots!!

Children in Need fun!

In History we looked at all our teddy bears. We even had a chance to look at Miss Angus' teddy bear! We talked about how old they were. The oldest one was 90 years old!

In science we went on a material hunt around school. We looked at different objects and talked about what material they were made from.

An author, Annie Steward came into school to talk about her latest book.

Topic Letter - Term 2 2016

Art Mural: Today we helped to create a mural that will be put up in our school to remind us of our values. We used mosaic to do this.