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Orange Class

We had an amazing time at Simpsons Fish and Chip shop. We had a tour around the kitchen, made fishcakes and then ate them in the restaurant. It was a fabulous trip!

Yummy scones to raise money for Let's Get Cooking!

Our fantastic costumes for the Selfish Ladybird. Thank you all!

In DT we have been designing and making amazing pop up cards!

In maths we have been learning to measure the weight of different objects using grams.

Science....... We went on a material walk around school. We looked at different objects and discussed what materials they were made from.

India Day! Wow, what a fantastic day we had celebrating the lively and vibrant country that is India. We all dressed up in our most brightest clothing, with some even wearing some beautiful traditional Indian clothes. We learnt about the story of Rama and Sita and made a clay diva pot each. Outside, beautiful rangoli patterns brightened up our playground. We had two visitors during the day who spoke about their time in India, we would like to thank Mrs Patel for showing us vegetables, mehndi and lots of other artefact, as well as, Sue who even showed us the money used in India. In the afternoon, Curry Corner very kindly gave us some onion bhajis and we all got to taste them - they were yummy! Finally, we ended our day dancing to Mrs Clarke's Indian Zumba songs. We had an amazing time!!

We had a fantastic day in Weston. It was a fun packed day...... the sea aquarium, the sand sculptures, lunch on the beach, playing in the sand and an ice cold lolly! The sun was shining and everybody enjoyed themselves! Miss Angus and Miss Blay were very impressed with the behaviour of both classes.

Topic Letter - Summer Term 6, 2015

Topic Letter - Summer Term 5

RNLI talk with Fraser Gunn. We were very lucky to have Fraser, a RNLI volunteer come in and talk to us about the importance of the RNLI. We will be running a fundraising afternoon this term to help donate money to the RNLI.

Capacity! In maths we have been outside using the water tray. We have been looking at containers and measuring out amounts of water.

Celebrating St. George's Day

Following on from our science lesson where we identified parts of a plant, we all had the opportunity to plant sunflowers in one of our flowerbeds. We all wore protective gardening gloves and used gardening tools to dig over the soil. We have named them with our group names so we can identify which sunflower will grow the tallest!! We know we need to make sure that we water the plant regularly. Next week, we will be planting more plants!

Fantastic seaside creations! Miss Angus was so impressed with the amazing work over the holidays! We had lots of lighthouses, some beautiful writing and paintings. We even had a seagull mobile and a giant shark! Thanks for all your help!

Magical Maths! This week we are thinking about place value, how many tens and ones are in a number. We even looked at a three digit numbers and looked at how many hundreds, tens and ones in a number!

Y1 Easter Holiday activities

Year 1 Phonics Screening Check talk PPT

You just wouldn't believe who visited us this morning... THE EASTER BUNNY! Miss Blay and Miss Angus saw his long white ears and fluffy white tail but he was gone with a flash. He did however, drop just enough Easter eggs for each of us! We went onto an exciting hunt and found some yummy chocolate!

We have a new topic in Science for the upcoming term, Plants! We had a big brainstorm about what a plant is and how it is structured. Lots of us knew lots of different types of plants. We went on a plant walk around the school grounds to identify common plants and trees. On our walk we took exciting microphone magnifying glasses, LearnPads (to take photographs) and a plant spotter sheet. We had great fun and we identified lots of plants like daisies, ivy, moss, holly and brambles.

We had a special visitor come into school to talk to us about Africa. She was called Diane Lyle and she had visited Kenya and Ghana. She shared lots of information and we all listened very well! It was a fantastic talk! We learnt so much!

Enjoying PE outside! The sun was shining and we were learning to develop our over arm throwing!

Thinking about the Easter story and tasting Hot Cross Buns!

Weaving using different materials.

Red Nose Day! For Comic Relief, we wore something 'funny' to school - just take a look at us all! We have been sharing jokes with one another all day long. In our service two children from each class told their joke to the rest of the school. We have had a great day!

WOW! What a fantastic day we have had in Year One with our African Drumming workshop day. Our day has consisted of learning about African drums and how to play them keeping a steady beat, singing African songs, learning lots of new dances and having lots of fun! Thank you to all the parents/family members who joined us at the end of the day to celebrate the wonderful day we have had by watching us perform some of today's work. We just cannot stop shaking our hips and clapping to the beat!

Voting! At school today we talked about Modern Britain and the idea of voting for something. We are introducing a Class of the Week and voted on our favourite behaviour tokens to use! Watch this space for more information.......

In Geography we have been learning about Kenya. This afternoon we transformed our classroom into a Kenyan Village! We had a market where you could buy and sell items. We made necklaces and weaved baskets to sell too. We looked at Kenyan flag. Outside we carried a large bucket of water around the playground. We reflected on what it would be like to have no running water at home. We discussed what village life in Kenya was like.

Researching about an African country.

Wow, what an amazing time we had performing at Cheltenham’s Town Hall in front of hundreds of people! The children had no time to sit and relax as we were either busy rehearsing, letting off some energy outside, eating lunch or preparing ourselves for our big show! The behaviour by all was fantastic and they represented the school brilliantly. I am so proud of each and every one of them for being so brave and not being phased by the huge stage we had to perform on. Incredible dancing by all!

We have been using the LearnPads to develop our typing skills. Miss Angus has been very impressed!

We have been sorting fiction and non-fiction books in English this week We have been exploring the different features you find in a non-fiction book. Can you remember them?

In English this week we have been learning about what a dictionary is and how we use one.

In RE we retold the story of David and Goliath. We discussed the story and talked about why David was so brave. We thought about times in our lives when we have needed to be brave.

Wonderful weaving. We have been learning about Kente fabric and tried to weave a basket!

Enjoying PE outside!

In Computing this term we are learning to use the laptops/ computers to type words and sentences. Today we looked at a keyboard and discuss the different buttons and where they are located on the keyboard! Can you do some typing at home to bring into school? Miss Angus would love to see it!

Super scientists! In science, we looked at different animals. We began to sort them into different categories; four legs, those that lived in water, those with fur, those with scales etc. We then learnt about how every animal belongs to a different animal group; reptiles, fish, birds, amphibians and mammals. We suddenly transformed into scientists as we were able to use our new knowledge to classify animals into their correct group! It was quite tricky but we all learnt something new!

We had a fantastic printing day! We looked at Adinkra printing and the symbols used in Ghana. We had a make simple printing block and repeat the pattern.

This week in maths we have introduced the concept of multiplication as repeated addition and looked at how we can represent multiplication as an array. We used peg boards to make the arrays!

Fantastic tennis! As we come to the end of the term Miss Angus is so impressed with our tennis skills.

Our walk around Prestbury. Although it was quite cold we did enjoy our walk around Prestbury. We had to find the buildings by looking at clues on the LearnPad. We then drew our sketch maps with a partner.

In geography we have been looking at our local environment. We went on a journey around school today and had to follow the clues for the next place to visit. We drew a sketch map to help us record our journey! Next week we are going to walk up into the village and have a look at the human and physical features!

Our 5 senses! We had a fantastic afternoon learning about our senses. We tasted different flavoured crisps, smelt different food, listened to animal sounds, felt different textures and looked at optical illusions! These were amazing!!!

Money, money, money! This week we are learning about money. Maybe you can help your Mum and Dad do the shopping!!

More Coding.......

Developing our tennis skills.

African Sunsets..... We have creative beautiful African Sunsets by colour mixing paint and drawing silhouettes of animals! They are amazing.

Coding! This term in computing, we are learning about coding. We are beginning to understand that when a computer does something it is following instructions called code. We used the LearnPads to make objects move on a simple program by inserting a code. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves are already looking forward to next weeks lesson!

We have been learning a dance to go with the story Handa's Surprise.

We have been developing our tennis skills with Coach Callum.

Exploring Africa!! We have had a fantastic first week back. We have loved playing in the jeep and the giraffe tent during Golden Time! We have also been creating different rhythms with the drum Benjamin made!

Colour Mixing. Do you know your three primary colours? We do, they are red, yellow and blue. We wanted to find out what would happen if you mix two of the primary colours. We dipped our finger in one paint and another finger in a different coloured paint. We rubbed our two fingers together and we made a secondary colour.... it was like magic!

Brilliant balancing! With Coach Gareth we have been learning to balance a beanbag on different parts of our bodies! Miss Angus was very impressed!

Africa! We have been really busy trying to create a African Safari in our classroom! We have been doing lots of painting!

Winter Walk! As part of our seasonal topic on weather we went outside to explore features of winter. We found most of the trees had no leaves. We also learnt that the ones that did have leaves were called Evergreen. It was quite cold outside, the ground was wet and muddy!

Amazing Africa Projects! Wow! Miss Angus would like to say a huge thank you to all those children, and parents, who worked so hard over the holidays to create such fantastic work! The children enjoyed talking about their project and could recall lots of facts about Africa- Miss Angus was very impressed!! Please do come in and look at our wonderful display.

Year 1 Topic Letter - Term 3

This morning Year 1 had a very special visitor come into school. He was the man who sold the straw, sticks and bricks to the three little pigs! We asked lots of questions and he told us about meeting the three pigs and Mother Pig. He showed us his van and the different materials he had.  Luckily he hasn't actually seen the wolf and told us he thinks he has left the country!!

The man from the Three Little Pigs

Cooking! We have been cooking ready for our Fairy Tale Ball!!

Christmas Workshop. We have had a fantastic day creating lots of lovely Christmas art!

Money, money, money. In maths this week we are learning about money. We have been working out which coins to use to buy an item.

Christmas decorations. In DT we have designed and made a 3D Christmas decoration.

In Maths we have been learning about capacity and ordering different containers according to the amount of water they can hold. We have also been measuring how much water each container can hold.

In English we have been learning about instructions. We have looked at the different features of instructions. Can you name them? We had to try and put the recipe in the correct order and find all the features.

In Art we have been learning about the artist Max Ernst. He was interested in creating different textures on paper by rubbing different surfaces. We went outside and explored the different textures we could see in nature. We took rubbings of the different textures.

In RE we have been thinking about belonging to groups. Samuel came into school and talked about belonging to the Jewish family. He brought some of his special clothing to show us.

History- teddy bears. Look at the teddies we brought in. Can you work out each ones are old?

In History we have been looking at teddy bears. We looked at old and new teddy bears.