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Odd Socks Day

Thank you for sending your child into school wearing odd socks to kickstart anti-bullying week, known to Blue Class as friendship and kindness week. This afternoon we took our shoes off to look at each other's socks. We linked our socks to each and every one of us - all different but so, so special, unique and equal. We then spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about what we can do to be a good friend to others. The children thought of looking after each other when someone is hurt/feeling sad, playing nicely, taking turns, making each other laugh, loving each other and having fun. We watched a video about friendships and afterwards the children spoke about another person in the class and explained why they were a good friend. As part of our friendship activities, we each placed a handprint onto our Blue Class love heart to remind us that we are all a team who will always show love and kindness to one another. We also coloured in a person to create a 'Blue Class friendship banner'. The children could also choose to make friendship bracelets and friendship cards as well as sort some picture cards into showing how to be a good friend. It was heartwarming to see them giving their friends a card or bracelet as they told them what made them a special friend. đź’™