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Odd sock day

Today was 'Odd Socks Day.' We all wore odd socks as part of Anti Bullying week. The children had the opportunity to express themselves and celebrate their individuality and what makes us all unique! The important  message of today was: be proud of who you are and be accepting of one another. Be kind, be you and be unique! 


We also did an activity with 2 apples. Both of them looked the same. With the first apple Mrs McVay said unkind words to it. With the second apple she said some very kind words. We then cut the 2 apples in half. The children were very shocked at what they had noticed. The apple that we spoke to with love and kindness was clean and white on the inside. The other apple was bruised, mushy and brown. We talked about when we say hurtful things to other people we can't often see the damage that we're doing on the inside, On the other hand, our kind words can be used to build someone else up, and make them feel beautiful on the inside.  It is always important to be kind to others.