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Music Time

In music this afternoon, we recapped some songs and rhymes we had learnt from last term; Wheels On The Bus, Incy Wincy Spider and Row Row Your Boat. Row Row Your Boat has many alternative verses and one verse is made up entirely of glockenspiels and we had to play in time to the rhythm. It was tricky but to keep in time we played C and moved our beater back and then forward to play the note C which left us just the right amount of time in between each note. Those who weren't playing on the glock became mini teachers and helped the musicians to remember 'C' 'back' 'C' 'back' and then we swapped over. We finished our session by learning a new song called Big Bear Funk which is a funny song about a bear, chicken and monkey. Mrs Gunn was super impressed with our singing and perseverance when playing the glockenspiel.