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Jonah and the Whale

This afternoon, Tessa came to share another special story to her from The Bible. I read the story Jonah and the Big Fish to the children. The children identified that Jonah didn’t listen to God and ignored him. The children thought that God was angry and that is why he created a storm. Jonah was thrown overboard and the storm stopped but Jonah started to sink. He prayed to God asking for help and suddenly a huge fish swallowed him up. Jonah continued to pray to God to ask for forgiveness but also to say thank you for not allowing him to drown. The fish spat Jonah out and Jonah went to Nineveh right away to tell the people there to start behaving. The king heard Jonah and agreed that everyone was to change their ways and behave. The people listened and prayed to God to ask for forgiveness. God forgave the people but Jonah was very cross. He wanted the people to be punished for their wrongdoings. God reminded Jonah that He loves everyone. He doesn’t like to be cross with people and would always help them to do the right thing. He would always forgive.
We thought about forgiveness and when we might need to say sorry. We also thought about how we should accept apologies too.
We spent the afternoon acting out the story, playing with the small world resources and creating lovely whale crafts.