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Infant Baptism

Today we have been learning about a Christian baptism. The children learnt about how Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist. Reverend Howard and Reverend Elizabeth visited us this afternoon and the children helped to act out a Christian baptism with our baby named Rose Imogen Millie who wore Amelia's beautiful gown. They introduced the signs and symbols used within a Christian baptism; the cross, a white gown, oil, water, candle, shell, certificate, font, prayers, hymns, Godparents and a dove. We thought about the meaning behind each sign or symbol and I was very impressed with the children’s knowledge and thoughtful questions they asked. We spent some time this afternoon looking through the children's photographs of their own baptisms. We enjoyed looking at the gowns and candles brought in too and the children were great at spotting the symbols on each candle. Thank you for sharing this special occasion with us by bringing in your precious items.