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Ice Trolls

Today we carried out another science investigation called 'Ice Trolls'. Deep in the ice caves of Greenland, live the Ice Trolls.
They love the freezing cold! The Ice Trolls decided to visit us at school but there was a problem! The Ice Trolls were in the freezer because it was too hot for them to come out. We discussed what would have happened and we all said they would melt. As a team we talked about how we could get them out of the freezer so they could come to Orange Class. We had many ideas including making a freezer with wheels, building a car out of snow and even making a box out of glass filled with ice so they could see! We finally decided we could make a coat for them to wear, so that they stayed cold and the heat from outside would not melt them. We talked about trying different materials and making it a fair test. We wrapped each Troll in its new coat and observed over time. We found out the best material was newspaper and tissue paper. We had lots of interesting science discussions.