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Gloucestershire's Life Space

This morning we very excitedly visited the Life Space Tent in Rainbow Room. Alex was waiting for us and told us a little bit about himself and the brand new Life Space Tent. It had special lights in the ceiling that could flash different colours. Alex explained that he wanted us to learn about our bodies and identify ways of keeping our bodies healthy. 
Firstly, we thought about how to keep ourselves fit and healthy. We know that we need to eat food to give us lots of energy, water to keep us hydrated, exercise to help us grow strong, we need to breathe in oxygen to keep us alive and we also need plenty of sleep. 
We then thought about our bodies and how clever they are. They are FULL of different things to help us to live. Ronnie was chosen to wear the skeleton suit and we had to correctly insert the missing organs - heart to pump bloody around the body, lungs to breathe and a stomach to digest food. We then discussed how we should drink plenty of water, eat at least 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day, sleep at night time, brush our teeth, wash our face and complete exercise in order to give us energy.
Then we met Harold the giraffe! He thought the children were sat beautifully! Blue Class helped Harold to get ready to go Grandma's house. We helped him to wash his face, brush his teeth, comb his hair and pack his belongings like pyjamas. Harold had lots of fun at the park with his Grandma; he was releasing his energy through exercising. Later on, Harold rang us and told us that he was feeling a bit sad as he missed his Mummy. Alex asked everyone to think of what they do when they feel a little bit sad. He phoned Harold back and, if the children wanted to, they shared their ideas to Harold. I was super pleased with their suggestions - very thoughtful and heartwarming. 
Afterwards, we met Sam. He is friends with Harold but unfortunately he wasn’t feeling very well. He was carrying his medicine in his bag and wanted to give himself some but we quickly stopped him. Only trusted grown ups can give medicine out and it should be kept out of reach, perhaps in a cupboard. Sam had some medicine and felt much better. He came and sat with us as he wanted to be in our class. 
Finally, we had a little dance under the stars before saying goodbye to Harold and Alex. 

Ps, so sorry for the poor quality of these photographs - it was so dark!