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Gingerbread Journey #2

The gingerbread man left us another letter explaining how grateful he was that we found him. He told us he felt very lonely and wished he had a friend to play with. So he sent us on the same hunt which we remembered excellently. Instead of finding photographs, he left us riddles to try and solve. Once we solved them we had to try and find different ingredients and equipment. Some clues were tricky like 'I am a rectangular shape. Food is placed on me and then placed in the oven. Be careful when you get me out of the oven as I will be burning hot' which had the children really thinking! Whereas others, the children got super quick 'hens lay me. I have an orange yolk inside me. Be careful when holding me as I could smash!' We had great fun collecting everything together and on the last week of term we will be making our gingerbread man some friends as well as our own gingerbread men to eat! Let's hope no pesky foxes come sneaking around!