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Frozen Fossils

This morning we thought about when dinosaurs were alive and made a class time line to show this. 250 million years is a VERY long time ago and we sorted the periods in chronological order linking it to which dinosaurs had evolved at that time. We also learnt that the scarier dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Ankylosaurus evolved during the Cretaceous period 65 million years ago. We recapped our knowledge of Mary Anning and then discovered that some dinosaur fossils were also discovered in ice. You'll never guess what... some dinosaurs had become trapped in ice in our classroom! But what is ice?
“It’s freezing cold."
“It’s like a cube. Like a block” 
“You have to be careful because it’s slippery” 
“It’s made out of water. Ice melts and turns back to water”
“You have to put water in the freezer” 
“When you feel hot and sweaty, ice cools you down” 
“When it’s boiling you can put ice in your drink.”
I picked up some ice and the children soon noticed it dripping.
“It’s melting! Your hands and fingers are making it melt” 
“It’s because you are warm. But is your hand cold now?”
“You can use warm and hot water to make it melt too.” 
“Maybe cold water might work too” 
We had to become palaeontologists to free the dinosaurs. We had to think carefully about how to get the dinosaurs out of the ice and we investigated whether the water temperature was an important factor in helping the ice to melt - which we soon realised it was! We also used salt (although the children were convinced it was sugar!!) to see what happened. We spoke about the importance of not smashing the ice because palaeontologists could end up smashing fossils and losing vital evidence, although they couldn’t help but dig and tap with the spoon!
It was super fun and the children were so engaged! They worked fantastically together and were so determined to free their ‘fossil’. So much so that a couple of children grazed their fingers trying to scrape the fossil out - apologies! They were absolutely delighted when their fossil was set free. We had to continue melting the ice after lunch as some fossils were extra tricky to free!
Super vocabulary used all morning - dissolve, melt, fizzing, bubbling, chipped, cold, freezing, hot, warm, frozen, slippery, wet, liquid šŸŒŸ