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Easter Hunt

We have been thinking about positional language in maths today. We read a story about an egg hunt and how the eggs were hidden in different places that we had to identify. The children then went on their very own hunt! They had to follow clues like 'find me beside the the photocopier', 'find me in front of the music trolley', 'find me under the green slide'. The children had to think carefully about the positional words and explain how they knew where the clue was hidden. Words such as 'above', 'beside', 'beneath' and 'between' were great at getting the children to really think about what the words meant. Finally, their 8 clues led them to a basket full of chocolate eggs! The children thoroughly enjoyed this activity and perhaps you could continue with positional language games at home - hide a favourite teddy, where is he/she? Pair up, give each other an instruction (can you stand behind me?) or even using cutlery/objects on the table. Place the fork beside the plate. Place the spoon above your plate.