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Dinosaur Day!

Today was a very exciting day for reception ! First we found a nest on the field, we carefully looked for clues. We discovered eggs, large footprints and lots of broken branches, we decided it was evidence of a dinosaur. We went back to the classroom and wrote about the clues we had found. Some of us made 'missing' and 'wanted' posters to warn the other children around the school. Miss Whisson checked the security cameras and we saw a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex stomping around the playground! When we went back to check on the egg we found it had hatched into a baby t-rex. We also found a dinosaur poo! When we got back to the classroom we explored different poo samples to see if the dinosaurs were Carnivores who ate meat, herbivores who just ate plants or omnivores who ate both  (don't worry everyone it was chocolate playdough really!). We also did lots of different dinosaur crafts, built a swamp and made lots of mess ! What a fantastic day we had ! 

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