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Dinosaur Day

Well, you'll never believe what happened this morning! Mrs Sexton had a very important message for Mrs Tandy - she needed to check her emails at once to find a very serious and important video from this morning before school. The video showed a Tyrannosaurus Rex who had stomped her way into our classroom - she was on our bug rug!!! She looked very angry and scared some of us with her fearsome roar! Elodie suggested that perhaps she lost her babies and wants them back. So the children quickly put our coats on to go a dinosaur hunt. Everyone was very scared but knew we had to protect the rest of the school. The children searched high and low for clues and found lots of scratches on the floor in the hall, checked in the PE cupboard because there was a sudden noise, asked Miss Angus and Orange Class if they had seen or heard anything but still no dinosaur. Blue Class then headed outside and ended up on the field when they noticed a huge nest with TWO EGGS! One looked like it could hatch at any minute. The other one was still very much sealed. The children looked around and found some huge dinosaur footprints. Elodie was right, her babies were here and she definitely wanted them back. Blue Class quickly went back indoors and spoke about what they had found and what they should do next.
Once everyone was safely back in the classroom and all doors were locked, the children were busy engaged in lots of dinosaur related activities; playing in the dino swamp, making dino tails to become a T-Rex so she wouldn't eat them, writing warning posters for the rest of the school and making lots of other lovely dino crafts too.

After lunch Mrs Tandy received another email from our caretaker Mr Timbrell. There was another video of the Mummy T-Rex stomping on the playground - had she found her babies? The children ventured back outside to check on the dinosaur eggs and we were shocked to see a baby T-Rex had hatched! The other egg was still intact and we are hoping the T-Rex will collect them tonight to take back to her homeland. Whilst outside the children noticed the T-Rex had left a big poo on the ground! The children came back inside and spoke about how scientists can learn so much from poo. Mrs Tandy linked this to how we know that some dinosaurs were carnivores, some were herbivores and some were just plain greedy and ate everything and can be called omnivores. The scientists would have checked their poo to discover the types of things they would have eaten. But they wouldn't have just stuck their hands in, they would have to make sure their hands were protected as poo is very dirty. So, with this in mind Mrs Tandy set the children the challenge of investigating some 'pretend dinosaur poo' to see whether they could identify whether the dinosaur was a carnivore, herbivore or omnivore. Mrs Tandy discussed how this poo was pretend (smelling of chocolate!) and we wouldn't just pick up real poo from the floor or toilet. The children used magnifying glasses to look closely and then pulled it apart to find some evidence. Miss Hillman was so impressed with their vocabulary throughout 🌟

Ps. please reinforce how we do NOT touch real poo and how we were just pretending to be scientists!