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Day 2: Investigating the crash landing

Well would you believe it... the crash scene looked completely different this morning! A new rocket shaped was formed on the right hand side of the shelter and evidence of alien life was intensified after the discovery of slime, green liquid and small footprints. There was a toolbox, ball, frisbee and two take away pots full of noodles left behind too AND wellies belonging to Scarlett in Indigo class! Again, another emergency meeting was held and the school couldn't believe their luck when The BBC replied to us and sent us reporter Maxine Mawhinney to spend the day with us and follow this extraordinary story! She taught us how to ask questions to gather information and then worked with Year 2 pupils to interview some teachers. Blue Class were set the mission of investigating the crime scene again looking for further clues - Gethyn thought the weather could have froze their new engine which is why the rocket was still on the playground. We also think this crash is definitely linked to our alien friend Gloop Gloop. We gathered in the hall this afternoon to watch Maxine present a news report of the information all pupils in our school found. It was another magical day and we were so lucky to have Maxine join us. Please check the crash site tomorrow morning as it may look slightly different again...