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Crash Landing!

Well what a busy an exciting day! The teachers couldn't believe what had happened to our playground this morning... Mr Munn was first on the scene and instantly called the police when he saw smoke and the debris left behind. The Police arrived instantly and by that time so had all the teachers. Mr Munn was asked to examine and investigate the crime scene and take all important photos and lab samples. Once in school we had an emergency meeting in the hall where Miss Angus and I asked the children what on earth had happened and whether they heard anything. We invited Mr Munn up to talk to us all about what he saw. The police then told us how they had never seen anything like this before but ensured the school and crime scene were safe. We knew this incident was serious and we needed to let our community know. We set Year 2 the challenge to write to the BBC asking them to visit us report our crash. Year 1 to inform the junior school by writing letters. Reception to investigate what crashed and write up their ideas - was it spaceship? Bike? Truck? We went back outside to inspect the crash more closely. We noticed a funny shaped chair - alien like! Wires, lights, chains, scrapes on the floor... once back inside we brainstormed what we thought it was before recording our own ideas. We also used the junk to recreate what we thought had crashed, created our own police badges so we could be like the police officers, recorded lists of the evidence found. Year 2 have posted their letters to the BBC, Year 1 gave their letters to Mr Cantle (who also visited us) to inform the junior school and now we wait to see what Monday has in store for us..