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Colour mixing

After thinking about our favourite colours, we then thought about how colours are made. We discussed how red, yellow and blue are all primary colours and no other colours can make them. They're in charge! But when you mix the primary colours together, it can make a secondary colour. We predicted what secondary colours are made when two primary colours are mixed together. We had a great afternoon colour mixing and are in the process of painting our own colourful gingerbread man made entirely by mixing primary colours together (photos to follow soon!). To end the afternoon we completed an investigation called 'The Walking Rainbow Experiment'. We had to count out 7 pots, and pour each of the primary colours into separate pots. We filled up half of the pot with water and popped kitchen roll into each cup to connect the colours together. We were shocked to see how quickly the water was being absorbed by the kitchen roll! We are really excited to see if any changes have occurred overnight! We think the empty cups will make new colours of orange, green and purple. We will keep you posted! We are excited to continue our observations over the week.