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Cloud Detectives!

In science, we have been learning about the four seasons and weather types commonly found within each season. This week we have explored rain, wind and clouds. In order to measure rainfall, we have made a rain gauge which we will monitor every morning to see just how much rain falls every day! To identify the position of the wind, we have created a wind vane. When it is a windy day, the arrow will point to either North, East, South or West. There are lots of different types of clouds and we have learnt the 3 most important ones: High Clouds (Cirrus), Middle Clouds (Altostratus) and Low Clouds (Stratus). This afternoon, we went on a cloud walk and took along our ‘cloud spotters’ to help us think about the clouds we could see today. We agreed that it must have been a Altostratus cloud as they weren't too high nor too low. 


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