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Cheltenham Animal Shelter Talk

We were very lucky to receive a visit from Debbie and Dani from Cheltenham Animal Shelter. They came to talk to us about the Animal Shelter, its importance and what their jobs entail. Debbie has worked at the shelter for over 14 years and has adopted lots of animals including the border collie named Joey who also visited us today. 
We learnt:
⭐️The animal shelter is 93 years old 
⭐️ 800 domestic animals are helped by The Animal Shelter every year
⭐️ They run off donations and fundraisers so are very grateful when they receive donations
Debbie and Dani then asked us how to look after domestic animals and chose some children to select an object from their bag to talk about. 
⭐️ We have to make sure animals are given food (but the correct food for them as human food, chocolate and other pet food can make them really poorly), water, a bed or blanket, toys, a lead (for dogs), medicine if poorly (administered by a vet) warmth, brushes to groom, and lots of love. 
We then were allowed to ask Debbie and Dani some questions before Debbie let us stroke Joey because Debbie knew he was a kind and friendly dog. He was a very playful dog and seemed much younger than his 9 years because he was so active and bouncy! We made sure to stroke him gently. Debbie told us that he likes to have under his neck stroked. Once we got back into the classroom we made sure to wash our hands. 
We gave them all a big clap and thanked them for coming in to see us and they were very pleased with the donations you brought in so a huge thanks to those who donated something to the shelter.