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Capacity - Making Playdough

We learnt all about capacity and weight this week! To show off our new skills we helped Miss Whisson  to make our very own playdough! If you'd like to make some at home we followed this recipe: 


2 cups flour 

1/2 cup salt 

1 tbsp. Oil (baby oil or cooking oil work well) 

2 tbsp. Cream of Tartar 

1 cup warm water 

Colouring, glitter, scent etc. 


1. First mix all the dry ingredients together in a bowl (including glitter/scent and oil) 

2. Add the food colouring to the warm water and then add to the bowl of dry ingredients

3. Mix until the ingredients form a dough (add more flour/water if necessary) 

4. Leave to cool for a few minutes then knead for approx. 5 mins until dough is soft and stretchy 


If you wrap the dough in clingfilm it will keep for a few weeks!