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For the next four weeks, we will have a 'balanceability' lesson taught by Coach Smith. The balanceability sessions focus on developing gross motor control, particularly coordination and balance. By the end of the sessions, the children should hopefully be able to ride a bike without stabilisers showing skill and control. I know some children can already ride a pedal bike with or without stabilisers but Coach Smith will spend the first few sessions using balance bikes for all children. The children will then be set challenges like riding through narrow pathways without touching the floor, steering around obstacles and stopping safely.
This morning, Coach Smith taught the children how to pick up and put down a balance bike safely, as well as putting on a helmet safely. They practised walking with their bike, making sure to carefully navigate around any cones. Finally the children were able to ride their balance bike by pushing their feet on the floor. Blue Class are super excited for the next session already!