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Autumn Welly Walk

This afternoon we thought about our season autumn. We looked at lots of pictures that represented autumn - trees losing their leaves, orange/brown/red/yellow leaves, colder and wetter weather, Harvest, bonfire night, shorter days and longer nights and animals sleeping. Carys told us that it was called hibernation and we learnt that animals such as hedgehogs and squirrels eat lots and lots before finding a comfy home to sleep the colder seasons away. Some birds fly away to hotter countries which we learnt was called migration. 
We practised a song about deciduous trees: 
Deciduous trees lose their leaves, this happens in autumn. 
After a big class discussion about all things autumn, I read the story 'Leaf Man' who was made entirely from leaves but one day the wind blew strong and he was blown away. Had he flew past the leaf chicken? Leaf fish? Leaf cow? Eventually he was found with a new leaf friend - we think it was a Leaf Lady! 
Oh no... Leaf Man had been blown away again. He was somewhere on the field! We had to find him before he was blown away for good. We had to search high and low for him whilst also identifying all things autumn on our checklists. We took magnifying glasses and a bag and basket to collect some autumn treasures. We found nearly everything on our checklists just not pine cones. Lots of fungi had grown over the field which the children found very intriguing as some looked like a castle or palace. We spoke about the dangers of wild mushrooms and how we should never eat them. 
At last we found Leaf Man, the wind had blown him up the berry tree. We gave him a big cuddle! 
A super fun autumn exploration afternoon 🍁🍂🍄🍃🌳