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As part of anti-bullying week, known to Blue Class as friendship week, we looked at 2 apples. They both looked similar, if not the same. We passed the first apple round the circle and said some unkind words to it. We then passed the second apple and said some nice things. I then cut both apples in half. The children were shocked when they noticed what was different about the apples. The apple that we spoke to with love and kindness was clean and white on the inside. The apple that we were all mean to was bruised, mushy, and brown. The children were shocked and quickly suggested saying sorry to the apple so we passed it back round the circle where the children gave it a big cuddle! We talked about when we say hurtful things to other people, we often can’t see the damage that we’re doing on the inside. On the other hand, our kind words can be used to make someone feel happy, loved as well as feel beautiful on the inside.