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Year 1 Topic Letter - Term 3

Fairy Tale Ball - 19 December 2017

Welcome to Year 1 talk - PPT

Printing Day - we had lots of fun exploring different Adinkra stamps and printing

Maths - We sorted 2D and 3D shapes and created our own criteria.

Phonics - We have been practising our split digraphs.

Our walk round Prestbury village to explore our local environment

We learnt some self-defense. We really enjoyed it.

Take a look at our African projects that we did over the Christmas Holidays, Miss Higgins was very impressed!

Christmas Craft Day. We had lots of fun making Christmas crafts. Yellow Class were the photographers too!

We were so excited when Father Christmas and his elf visited us!

We helped to decorate our class Christmas tree.

D + T: We designed and made our own 3-D Christmas decorations. Miss Higgins was very impressed.

History - We brought in some teddy bears from home, and from family members. We enjoyed looking at all the different styles of bears - old and new, and comparing them.

Athlete Visit: Today we had a visit from Jack Rutter - a paralympian athlete. We worked really hard and were really proud of ourselves.

Life Bus: We had great fun and learnt lots in the Life Bus today with Harold the Giraffe

Science: We went on an Autumn Walk, and described Autumn using our 5 senses.

Art: We had a 'Drawing Day', where we focused on drawing lots of different types of lines within our drawings.

Science: We learnt about 3 different types of cloud - cirrus, cumulus and stratus, and went outside cloud spotting.

Science: We have been learning about why we have seasons. We learnt that the Earth tilts and moves around the sun. We used a 'sun', a globe, and a torch to help us to see this.

Art: We made a fantastic Fairy tale paper sculpture, based on the work of Su Blackwell. Miss Higgins and Mrs Harvey were super impressed!!!

No Pens Day Wednesday: We did lots of fun learning activities, including judging a Shrek karaoke, and acting out Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Computing: We have been learning what an algorithm is, and exploring using Beebots.

Music: We were learning to play the glockenspiels to the beat of the music.

Geography - We have been learning about Brazil, and tried some fruits from this country. We tried papaya, mango and watermelon. Ask us what we thought of these fruits :)

Computing: We brought in and talked about our programmable toys.

Take a look at our amazing fairy tale projects that we made over the holidays. Miss Higgins was very impressed with them!

Topic Letter Autumn Term 1 2017