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Mystery solved at last...

The mystery surrounding the crash-landing at school at the end of the last week was solved today with the discovery of a letter from the Gloop Gloops - a family of aliens driving the crashed craft. Their letter revealed that they had spotted something exciting happening nearby... This is their letter and (in case it's difficult to read) a transcript...


Dear Humans,

I am writing to you to say sorry for crashing my rocket. We had a little problem you see. We heard that something exciting was happening in your area. We really wanted to see it as we have heard that it involves a funny old creature with 4 legs and a long tail. Apparently a human sits on top of them? Very strange if you ask me! So we came in our rocket and we found the big building. It was so big and we could see lots of green stuff around it but it wasn't slime. Unfortunately we stopped concentrating on our control panel and pressed the wrong button that sent our rocket crashing down with an almighty thud! We tried fixing it but it was too late - our rocket was ruined! There was smoke everywhere! It smelt so horrible, blue lights were flashing too and we were scared.  Luckily we hid in the trees. We are so sorry. We finally fixed our rocket but couldn't take the rubbish - sorry. Sorry again earthlings. Love the Gloop Gloops.