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Blue Class

Look at our fantastic projects we completed over Easter. Miss Blay was super impressed and would like to thank our Mums and Dads for helping us.

Find out what we will be learning about this term in our topic letter.

We have planted some grass seeds and are looking forward to observing the growth of our grass.

Pippa kindly brought in her African land snail called Flash for us all to look after for a couple of days.

We have been thinking about positional language and how to describe where an object is. We have had great fun giving commands to our friends, and teachers (!), and taking our pet unicorn on an exciting journey.

Why does the moon have craters?

We are trying super hard to write independent sentences all by ourselves. We looked at a picture of a busy town and wrote what we could see. Miss Blay was so impressed!

Developing our fundamental movement skills

Look at our space inventions! Miss Blay has been super impressed with our visions and ability to assemble the junk modelling together.

World Book Day! Although it was cut short, we had a wonderful morning together showing our fantastic costumes (thank you Mums, Dads and Grandparents), reading lots of stories, participating in the great book swap and going on a trail for missing books hidden around school.

All things space! We have thoroughly enjoyed our first day learning about the wonders of space!

Find out what the children will be learning about this term in the topic letter.

This afternoon we learnt about programming a Bee-Bot to make it travel on a mat. We spoke about how a Bee-Bot follows an algorithm; step by step instructions. We enjoyed programming the Bee-Bot to follow a route on the map.

This afternoon Blue Class were invited to Orange Class to see their stories of Handa's Hen. Miss Angus told us that everyone had worked extremely hard with their counting books and wanted to show us all. So we paired up and listened to someone's counting story. In return we performed our Gingerbread Man storytelling which they thought was fantastic

Miss Blay came into school to find that not only our Gingerbread Man had escaped from the oven but all of his friends we made him had also escaped! We caught them in the act by watching a video of them running out of the oven and into red class. We have spent the morning creating wanted posters that we have stuck up all around school. In service we told year1 and 2 about our cheeky Gingerbread Man so they are also keeping their eyes peeled for him. We have spent all day looking for clues and keeping them as evidence, as well as making posters and stain glassed gingerbread men to entice him home again. Fingers crossed we find him tomorrow as we all miss him very much.

With Mrs Malloy, we have been learning about 3D shapes. Today we had a go at making some using different materials.

Following our gingerbread man hunt the children retraced their route around the school making a journey string as they went. They collected objects and attached them to their string to act as a reminder of all the places where they had found clues. The journey string can be used to help them talk about their search for the elusive gingerbread man.

Building a bridge for the Gingerbread Man to cross the river.

This week the Gingerbread Man sent us on another journey around school to collect ingredients to make a friend for him. We had to read the riddles to determine what ingredient was hiding.

Today the children learnt that Christians welcome children into the faith community through infant baptism and dedication. Reverend Howard and Reverend Elizabeth showed the children what happens at an infant baptism. The children looked at the special clothes a baby would wear and the baptismal candle.

Our special Gingerbread Man was lost somewhere in school. We had to follow picture clues to find him and bring him back safely to his oven home.

We had great fun mixing ingredients to create our salt dough gingerbread men.

Find out what the children will be learning about this term in the topic letter.

the last two days of term we spent creating beautiful crafts and having a party. Merry Christmas to you all :)

Christmas dinner with our wonderful Christmas jumpers

A King is Born - a fabulous nativity

A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  1
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  2
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  3
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  4
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  5
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  6
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  7
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  8
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  9
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  10
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  11
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  12
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  13
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  14
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  15
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  16
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  17
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  18
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  19
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  20
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  21
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  22
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  23
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  24
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  25
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  26
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  27
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  28
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  29
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  30
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  31
A King is Born - a fabulous nativity  32

This afternoon we had a very exciting visit from Mr Rood and his firefighter friends! We spoke about the importance of their job and what their job entails. Firefighter Jim showed us around the fire engine and opened up each shutter to show us the huge tools they use to rescue people with. Mr Rood let us inside the fire engine and we spoke to another firefighter who explained a little more about their job. Outside, we were each allowed to spray water from their huge hose! It was so much fun and we are very thankful to Mr Rood and his friends for taking time out and coming to see us.

This afternoon, I took the children over to our school allotment. We discussed what an allotment is; an allocated space for gardening. We had a quick look at other people's allotments and saw some cabbages growing but other vegetables had sadly died due to the weather. We then found our plot and the children had so much fun exploring our pond, hedgehog house, raised beds which had some purple sprouting broccoli growing, bug hotels and a large wind chime. When the weather warms up we will be planting our own vegetables and we can't wait to try them. We are also looking forward to the green house and shed being constructed as well as the fire pit being made as we could roast some marshmallows! (Watch this space!)

Pantomime workshop. We had a great time learning about the Everyman Theatre's forthcoming production of 'Dick Whittington'. We had fun dressing up and acting out the story

Today we had our Values Day and we focused on 1 of our 6 core values; love. We thought about what it meant to love and show love, we read and acted out the biblical story of The Good Samaritan, we spoke about who we love and why and throughout the day we completed some lovely activities linked to the value of love.

Wear something spotty for Childreh in Need

We have had a busy week learning new sounds during our phonics lessons.

Blue Class were very excited to share photographs with one another of when they were a baby, toddler and now. We ordered them chronologically and identified things we could and couldn't do when we were a baby but what we can do really well now.

This week in PE we have been thinking about jumping. We worked hard to ensure we bent our knees and swung our arms.

This week we will be thinking about the celebration , Diwali; the festival of light. We read the story of Rama and Sita and acted out eating our favourite meals, spring cleaning our homes, buying new clothes and giving presents to our friends like how some Hindu's celebrate Diwali. We then made clay diva pots that are currently drying ready for Thursday where we will place candles inside the and light them. We are very excited.

Magical maths! This week we have been thinking about more and fewer as well as finding one more and one less than a number to 5.

Wow, what a busy day!! This afternoon, Jack Rutter, a Paralympian footballer, visited us at the Infant School to share his inspiring journey with us all. Belinda helped run the circuit of exercises and we had great fun completing leg drives, spotty dogs, star jumps and push ups for one minute each. It sounds like a short amount of time but my goodness it was hard work! We had the best time celebrating the event with the rest of the school. TEAM PRESTBURY! Many thanks to Jack for coming and encouraging us to follow our dreams no matter what life throws at you. We will strive to do our best in everything we do.

We have been thinking about bonfire night this week and why it is celebrated. We discussed the importance of staying safe when watching fireworks.

Life Bus! We had great fun meeting Julie, Sam and Harold the giraffe. We learnt about the different parts of our body and how to keep healthy and safe. Harold phoned us and told us he felt sad. We each spoke to Harold and told him what we do to cheer ourselves up, he told us that he was super happy again and wished he could join Blue Class.

Marvellous maths! We have been using a cherry model to partition numbers to 5 to find 2 different parts. Miss Blay thought we were super clever!

As we have been thinking about autumn, we decided to make some autumn crowns to become the King or Queen of Autumn. We had to select our leaves carefully as some were so crispy and dry, they just fell off!

This week in PE, we transformed into cars and practised zooming along the road. We then practised travelling in different ways up and down the road before finally becoming bridges and tunnels.

Following our autumn hunt yesterday, today we spent the afternoon thinking about features of autumn and created lots of lovely crafts.

This afternoon we all got our wellies on and headed outside in 3 groups. Each group had a checklist of things they needed to hunt for linked to Autumn; brown, yellow and orange leaves, conkers, pine cones, squirrels, bare trees which we discussed meant having no leaves, fungi and berries. We had lots of fun looking high and low to spot the features of autumn. We then played a game where we hid the conkers and pine cones for others to find.

We learnt our first ever sound in Blue Class this morning; 's'. We had great fun saying the sound with the jolly phonic action and completing activities that involved the sound 's'.